Saturday, November 28, 2009

What is a smokeless cigarette

A smokeless cigarette is the same way as a normal cigarette; you put it to your lips and inhale and exhale the smoke. It appears like, feels like and tastes like a real cigarette and also give you the sensation of smoking a traditional cigarette, but there is no fire, flame, tobacco, tar, carbon monoxide, ash, stub or smell that exist in real cigarettes.
Today, there's a way for tobacco users to get the satisfaction they have become accustomed to. This new find in smoking technology is known as a smokeless cigarette. A smokeless cigarette is a completely electronic cigarette or e-cigarette. A great smoking alternate, it uses no flame, fire, or tobacco of any kind. Instead, smokeless cigarettes use a Patented High Frequency Technology to provide nicotine in the form of an non-aromatic, smoke-like vapor. The vapor that a smokeless cigarette develops contains mainly three ingredients: water, nicotine, and propylene glycol. Tobacco smoke comprises more than four thousand chemicals, including ammonia, lead, carbon monoxide, and arsenic.
Smokeless cigarettes are considered less riskless for your health than tobacco cigarettes. The lighter tax on your respiratory system means that you do not have to worry about other diseases of the throat, such as emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Once you alternate to a smokeless cigarette, you won’t have to concern about second hand smoke. The light, inoffensive vapor is safe for those around you. This is great news, especially in Arkansas and Louisiana where it’s banned to smoke tobacco in the car in the presence of a kid. In fact, second hand smoking lawsuits are on the rise all over the country. A smokeless cigarette is a good way to make sure that you’re not financially subject for someone else’s health problems.
Part of the allure of smokeless cigarettes is the absence of the harmful particles normally related with conventional smoking. Smokeless cigarettes do not contain hundreds of harmful chemicals that are in traditional cigarettes. Smokeless cigarettes are free of tar, flame, carbon monoxide, carcinogens and ash. E-cigarettes do not pollute the environment or make second hand smoke, yet they still produce a pre-selected taste that goes along with the physical act of smoking. They are also very “smoking ban” favorable for states that have indoor smoking bans.
Electronic cigarettes have eliminated more than 4000 chemical substances contained in the normal cigarette. 21st century technology has struck again as thousands of former smokers have switched to smokeless cigarettes while millions more have changed their perception and started a new with electronic cigarettes and electronic cigars. Truly, the smokeless cigarette is a happy alternative to various traditional tobacco products. It’s very easy to get started with a newbie kit which is offered by most of the smokeless cigarette brands.
Since the vapor that a smokeless cigarette raises is light and odorless, you can use it many places where smoking tobacco is not allowed. Start by asking a non-smoking friend if they’d mind you smoking one in their home. Once they realize how much better than a tobacco cigarette it really is, it is probably they will have no problem with you satisfying your cravings without having to step outside. This means that you can stay and enjoy the party or the company of your friends and family without having to explain yourself to smoke. The homes of friends aren’t the only places where you can use smokeless cigarettes. Restaurants, nightclubs, bars, and even the work can all be open to them. Recall, a smokeless cigarette uses no tobacco, no flame, and no fire. Since most anti-smoking laws ban tobacco or having something that is burning or lit, smokeless cigarettes might not be included in these acts of lawmaking.
Smokeless cigarettes represent a major furtherance in smoking technology because they are an electronic cigarette. That means that not only is there no need to light the smokeless cigarette or any flame involved at all, but there is also no tobacco. By removing combustion and tobacco from the equation, but still providing smokers with the ability to satisfy their nicotine cravings, a smokeless cigarette manages to effectively provide all the perceived good aspects of smoking while diminishing the negative drawbacks. How exactly does it achieve this amazing feat? By making use of revolutionary e-cigarette technology. When you order one, the first thing you will notice is how different smokeless cigarettes really are from tobacco cigarettes. Every e cigarette newbie kit includes a battery charger, two batteries, and sample nicotine cartridges. The battery pack resembles the long white portion of a cigarette. Appropriately, every newbie pack comes with a regular, or king size battery, and a longer one hundreds sized version. The electric cigarette cartridge, which contains the nicotine, is fashioned to look like the filter of a average cigarette. Inside the electronic cigarette cartridge, HFPT atomizes the stored nicotine and develops a smoke-like vapor that is made up primarily of water. A sensor detects when the user inhales, and automatically activates the atomization process. When the user stops inhaling, it mechanically turns itself off. There are no on/off switches to forget about, which means that the battery lasts throughout the day. Furthermore, though, 2 batteries are included; one charges while the other is in use, so you never have to worry about it powering down. The vapor that a smokeless cigarette develops consists of only three ingredients. Gaseous water makes up the largest portion of the vapor. Nicotine, the active ingredient in tobacco, is included in a purer form, free of the thousands of other dangerous chemicals that can be found in tobacco smoke. Finally, smokeless cigarettes contain propylene glycol—a food supplemental commonly found in flaked coconut. Propylene glycol is also commonly used in theatrical fog machines and gives the vapor a smoke like appearance that makes it seem more regular to smokers who are used to tobacco cigarettes.
This means that you can lawfully smoke a smokeless cigarette in sites where tobacco cigarettes are definitely against the rules. After all, smoking bans are put into effect to improve the health of everyone. A smokeless cigarette already reaches that goal, but it doesn’t mean that you can not satisfy your cravings. If these were not sufficient reasons to consider giving one a try, many smokers might be offended to learn that this more convenient alternative can actually save them quite a bit of money. While a single pack of cigarettes can cost as much as 6 dollars, smokeless cigarette users pay less than fifteen dollars for the equal of seven to ten packs of tobacco cigarettes. At $1.49 a pack, how long do you think it would take to start look the difference to your wallet? Moreover, because you won’t be releasing unburned hydrocarbons or creating hundreds of cigarette butts, you can rest assured that they are better for the surround than tobacco cigarettes, as well. It might be time to give serious thoughtfulness to a smoking alternative. By switching now, not only can you smoke almost wherever you want without offending those around you, but you can be sure that you are making a better decision.
Here is one of the reviews about smokeless cigarette
“I want to smoke the electronic cigarette, because cigarettes are really expensive. I probably spend about $400 per semester on packs,” said freshman, accounting major Kent Allen. “I like to be healthy, and electronic cigarettes do not have as many harmful carcinogens. Addition, I like to try new things, and I’d be helping the environment by not throwing my butts everywhere and polluting the air with my second-hand smoke.”
Electronic cigarettes have not been authorized by the FDA and are not being sold in Massachusetts C stores. There are many sites that are selling starter packs online at around $54. The starter packs often include at least one type of the various cartridges needed to smoke these cigarettes. Several cartridges can be of different flavors, while many are nicotine-flavored.
“The tobacco industry has been trying to produce some sort of smokeless cigarette for a number of years,” said UMass public health expert, Will William. “The basic idea is they want to prepare a cigarette that can produce some of the flavor and nicotine without including the smoke which comprises tar and other chemicals that have health hazards. It is something like a holy grail to save the tobacco industry if they can grow a 'safe' cigarette.